Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Day 24

Juan has explained to me what will happen today.

His uncle, who is also called Juan he is Juan Kalote, will arrive late in the night with his new ranch hand who is also called Juan, he is Juan Eater! They will bring with them a few friends who are looking for a new life in the 'good ole US of A' (Juan's words) they will spend the night with us and it may be a squeeze but I am expert at el cucharear so that wont be a problem and it's only for one night.

Juan says that his friends pay towards their travel expenses and this in turn will help to pay me back what he has borrowed. He did say that they would have to make a few more trips now the dildos had gone tits up but I really didn't understand, something else lost in translation I expect!

I am really looking forward to meeting Juan's friends, I hope they are all like him!


DJ Kirkby said...

I am begining to suspect you may need therapy...

Christian said...

DJ; That's exactly what my therapist said!!