Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Day 25

Juan's friends arrived late last night in a very old VW camper van. There were 22 men, women and children not including both the Juans squashed inside there. We could hear the VW coming from miles away the exhaust pipe was hanging off and scraping along the road in a hail of sparks and the engine was labouring. Then they tried to sneak all the people into the motel room even though everyone was awake for up to ten blocks away! No one seemed to pay any attention, it was as if it was an everyday occurrence squeezing 26 people into a motel room.

It was a squeeze too but no one seemed to mind, they were just grateful to get out of that hot and noisy vehicle. Everyone found some space on the floor and curled up to sleep I got on the bed with the 3 Juans and settled down to sleep. It was quite difficult as there was quite a bit of noise, some of it snoring and some mumbled chatter and the room stunk off sweaty bodies. I asked Juan if I could open the window but he told me we couldn't as the air conditioning wouldn't work properly so I had to grin and bare it.

I was sandwiched between Juan Sanite and Juan Eater. As I lay in the dark I looked at Juan E, he was a lot different than Juan S! His skin seemed a lot smoother and a lot less hairy, to be honest his stubble on his chin looked like it had been drawn on with a biro. His eyelashes were very long and his hair smelt nice. In fact he smelt nice full stop, sort of like my auntie Vera when she was going partying.

I fell asleep with my nose in Juan E's neck to get away from the awful room odour. When I awoke the room was empty apart from the 3 Juans. Juan S and Juan K were off out to get a new exhaust pipe and I was left alone with Juan E.

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DJ Kirkby said...

Juan E is a woman?