Friday, 2 November 2007

Day 20

Two large angry men took me into a room and sat me at a table, the bag of religious artifacts was placed in the middle of the table, they sat opposite me. They asked me about the artifacts and I told them I was hoping to get an Internet business going and was trying to drum up business while on holiday. I got the idea they didn't believe me. They shouted a lot and called me pervert, then they started talking about drugs. They said no-one could be as stupid as to walk through customs with a bag of vibrators (I tried to tell them religious artifacts) so I must be hiding drugs.

They arrested me on suspicion of bringing drugs into the country and asked me if I had any hidden on my person. I laughed because I was naked apart from the boiler suit and one of the men hit me in the face. I stopped laughing.

It was their turn to laugh next as one of the men pulled out of his pocket a pair of latex gloves and pulled them onto his hands noisily with a 'snap'!


DJ Kirkby said...

Oh dear...go home as soon as you can!

Christian said...

DJ; I'm fine now thanks!