Thursday, 1 November 2007

Day 19

It was great lazing by the pool and jumping in the water to cool off. Eventually we were asked to leave because Juan insisted on wearing a thong and some people complained to the management saying it frightened their children. I could see their point. I could see his point too!

Later that evening we went out to eat and ended up in a bar that was full of cowboys and had one of those mechanical bucking bulls. Juan convinced me to try and I did quite well, we were having fun until Juan had an argument with one of the cowboys when he tried on his cowboy hat and we ended up running back to the motel. For a short while there it took my mind of my previous ordeal.

I had made my way through customs and first of all got in the line for the US citizens until I was directed to where I should have been. Juan was well in front of me by now and by the time I reached the front of the queue he had left the hall. I was beckoned forward by a rather large black lady in a uniform. I smiled at her, she didn't smile back. She asked me about my visit, where I was staying, what I would be doing and then she asked me to open the holdall. All hell broke loose then, men arrived from no-where and grabbed me and the bag and took us to a tiny white painted room. The room had no windows and a very heavy looking door, I was left here for what seemed an eternity until a grumpy looking fellow arrived with what looked like a paper boiler suit. He waited until I took off all my clothes then told me to put it on. It was cold and didn't fit well and when he left the room I started to cry.

This is all very hard for me. Maybe I'll write more tomorrow.


DJ Kirkby said...

Sad to hear you went through such an ordeal at the airport. Are you sure you want to go through with this? You can still go home and go on another adventure some other time.

Christian said...

DJ; I can't let Juan down!